Daily Rhythm and Activities

A day at StarSong usually unfolds in the following way*:

8:30-9:00 Arrival—Outdoor play.

9:15 Go inside for hand washing and snack (organic fruit) with fingerplays, songs, and conversation.

9:45 Indoor imaginative play, and children can participate in an activity such as lunch preparation, baking, crafts, painting, coloring, etc. We do circle games around 10:45, and sometimes puppet shows are held right before or after lunch. Little ones requiring a morning nap as needed.

10:45 Tidy up from play time and come together for a short circle/ring game.

11:00 Hand washing and lunch (whole grains with organic vegetables, and whole milk for toddlers). Lunch is outside at the picnic tables when it's warm. A story is told, we enjoy conversation, and we practice our manners.

11:30 Outside free play and seasonal gardening.

12:30 Pickup time for morning children. Full-day children come in for diapering/potty, and a snack. 

1:00 Brushing teeth, and lay down for nap time.

3:30 Upon awakening: Pottying and hair brushing, snack (such as oatmeal, carrots and hummus, or something we've baked).

4:30 Bye-bye! Full-day children are picked up and program closes.

*Infants' and young toddlers' sleeping and eating needs are met individually, joining the group rhythm as able.

Special thanks to Alyssa Kapnik Samuel for many of the photos on this website.